Welcome to my  Blog!

So where to begin. I’m 26 working full time to create the best life possible.

Back in 2012 I ventured to America to find me again. May sound weird saying to find me. But I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve realised your just not yourself. You start to adapt to the way someone wants you to be, you loose you. In life we tend to fall into a negative routine and this turns into a never ending circle. Once you break that circle you can heal again.

So I applied to Camp America and was lucky enough to get a place at a camp called Camp Tuckaho in Missouri. I was over the moon when i got that email. I’d never wanted something so much. To camp outside and be around so many bugs for 2months was a challenge but t made me a stronger person. It helped me be grateful for who I was. To build my confidence, strength, hope and we’ll just me again. I felt so full of life I didn’t want the adventure to end.

3months away! Flying solo was the best decision I ever made. Excuse the cliché.

So after I came home I graduated university with a 2:1 BA Hons Degree in Performance. Was I even going to use this degree? It looks great on the wall though! Shame about the student debt! Oh well!

Months went by. I got a real full time job. I moved into a flat with my boyfriend and started saving.

Once you travel, you catch the BUG!  I knew I’d be back in America I just didn’t know when.

2016 decision time… What to do? Put a deposit down for our first home? Or Travel one last time?

I think we were both in two minds as I really wanted to travel but my boyfriend had never travelled. Well he’d never been abroad. Madness!

Travel it was! We only went to enquire one day about an amazing adventure to a few states. Next thing we knew we were walking out in shock as the holiday of a lifetime was booked! OMG! Starbucks here we come. I need a Mocha Frappacino stat! I held my favourite drink in shock and just stared at Luke. We’ve just booked a holiday. Our first holiday. Smiles beyond our faces were beaming over the shops . I just wanted to tell everyone. I’d spend the last year saving so hard.

Newcastle- London- Vegas- Missouri – Miami – Bahamas Nassau -London -Newcastle


I love adventure and hope to continue with the travel bug.