Bloggers Award 


So I had to double check the rules

1.You have to write a blog post thanking the person that nominated you.

2.Explain your story on how and why you started blogging.

3.Share two general pieces of advice to other bloggers.

4.Nominate fifteen other bloggers and let them know you’ve nominated them too.
( Ok, I nominated 10)


1.First of all “Thank You” for my nomination kkamilah ( please Cliick to view her blog)  I feel honoured. Truth be told I was stalking my stats and seen your link which took me to your wonderful blog! And I realised you nominated me. What an honour! Thank you 🤗


2. So why did I start blogging? Suppose I’ve always wanted to just get most of my thoughts out. I like to help people. I am very much for making this world a more positive place to live with a lot of laughs along the way. I don’t believe we’ve got any seats for little Miss and Mr negative.

I enjoy writing, receiving products and just being me. So why not? I started blogging last July then life got in the way. Last October I was housebound for 9.5 weeks after I had a shoulder operation. If you want to understand my limitation just don’t use one arm. And imagine a lorry has hit you and pulled your arm off and stuck it down by pritt-stick. Yup it was the worst pain I’ve ever been in in my life. But anyways 1 years in and I’m swinging my arms around like an octopus on a trampoline.

Ok, so my humour is very strange and blunt, but people seem to get on with me just fine. Some say I’m rather comical. Best to laugh then cry right? Although, it is healthy to cry so don’t hold it in!

3. Advice for other bloggers:

Be yourself. There is only one of you so why choose to be someone else?

Enjoy blogging. Blog about your thoughts if you want to review products don’t be afraid to ask. Just stay true to you. People may not understand why you blog but that shouldn’t matter. Just BE YOU! my turn to nominate some inspirational people I’ve crossed along my bloggers life so far…. sorry if you have already been nominated it just means your awesome.

1. Alison

2. Jimmy

3. Tresvisage

4. DadNoizes

5. Alice

6. Elizabeth



9. GlossnGlitters

10. Tina

Enjoy nominating your favourite blogs! and let me know what you think by commenting below.

Much Love


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