How to be successful in Love 💕

This is something that we all strive for but the question is, how do we find love? It’s easy right? No, it’s not, it’s really hard. So, how can we successfully fall in love? First you have to be in love with yourself and even that in itself is ridiculously hard. How can we start to learn to love ourselves? This is easy….stop beating yourself up!

There is only one of you in this world and you are amazing. Imagine if everyone was like you. Imagine if you were like everyone else, the world would be a boring place. No one would be different. We would just all be the same. It would be like living in a world of robots.


Social media dictates how we feel, how we perceive ourselves, and how we think the world perceives us. It’s pretty sad but in society these days women feel they have to be certain way.
I’ve been there, I’m still there, but I’m trying to learn to love myself more and more. Diets, ha! Well that’s just something that is constantly ongoing but I don’t do, anymore. I like to call them a lifestyle change. I find it healthier. The weight stays off and you don’t feel like you are restricting yourself.

When you look for love you don’t find it, but when you don’t look for love, it finds you. At least that’s what happened to me and I couldn’t be more grateful. After 5 1/2 years we are still going strong and I know no matter how my weight fluctuates, how my appearance fades, more freckles appear, I know he still loves me for me. After all I’m hilarious. On a serious note, I’ve never had someone appreciate all of ME, and thats something every girl should experience. Never give someone more, knowing they are giving you less.

No one said life was easy , but if you think you can just carry on and not enjoy the odd bump in the road, you’re living in a dream world. Be realistic, not just in love, in life.

Take time for yourself and fit the positive people into your life. We are all here for a short amount of time, so why not make difference.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. love this so much!✨

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    1. Thank you ☺️💕

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