Girls trip to Malága with a view

Choosing a location is hard, never mind choosing the perfect hotel, but we did it. The eye-catching design of this modern hotel was set in a perfect location. Imagine waking up to a sunrise from your balcony? Watching the sunset with a glass of sangria.  I can confirm the dream is real. This hotel provides the most amazing views overlooking the Alboran Sea.

So, where did we stay?

TRYP Malága, Guadalmar.

When you walk into this beautiful hotel you are greeted by a stylish, modern, colourful interior. I loved the design of the foyer. it was very different and full of colour. this photo below was my favourite piece of art.


When we arrived the staff were very welcoming. I don’t speak but Spanish myself but my friend Claudia is fluent. I was pretty impressed by listening to her communicate with the locals.

The front desk promised us the most amazing view from our balcony and they were not wrong. Eager to see this view we got the hotel lift upstairs to the 5th floor. The corridors echoed the door slams which wasn’t ideal but it didn’t cause us too much bother.

The rooms themselves aren’t anything special. Spacious and plain the room accommodated our needs, two double beds, facilities to make your own coffee, teas etc. the bathroom was a nice size to get ready. Lighting was pretty poor but to be honest you don’t spend too much time in the hotel.


I was blown away by my balcony view. This made up for the lack of design in the room.  To our left was the outdoor pool and a lovely little garden area where you could have your morning coffee/ evening drinks.straightforward under us was the indoor pool which was being reconstructed so was not in use. Over near the beach was a cafe/bar. We didn’t venture over there but it always had a trial of people entering.

I love a good sunset/sunrise. There’s nothing more relaxing than to watch nature in action. The beach itself wasn’t full of people. We could see the locals fishing from the rocks which was nice to see. This area was not full of tourists as it sits right near all the local housing. We met a few Americans and the Olympic Swedish polo team who were staying at the hotel. Apparently, they get a few sportsmen/ celebrities staying here.

We stayed here for 4 days so obviously I had to film a sunrise using my time-lapse. At the time I was using a Samsung S7 Edge and I was blown away by the results.

I filmed this from our balcony. I decided to wake up early and tick this off our list of to do. We took our blankets on the balcony. I set up Timelapese and we just sat there and enjoyed the sea air. It’s not everyday you can do this unless you live right on the sea front so it was magical.

There is a bus stop located at the front of the hotel which takes you into the city centre. There is lots to do around the city centre. We decided to have a little shopping trip, taste the local cuisine and walk up to the top of the castle.


All stepped out, we found a beautiful rooftop bar and chilled with the night view of the port, whilst sipping on a gorgeous large sangria.

Tell me this isn’t the best sangria you have ever seen? The lovely waiter turned on the fire heater and we were even given blankets when we came in to save us from the November night breeze.

There is plenty to do in Malága. If you want to explore I’d definitely recommend walking to the top of the castle, however, in 25 degrees you may turn into a sweaty mess like we did. Also the other tip, please don’t be hungover it’s twice as hard.

Here are some more photos I took whist we explored the city. I’d highly recommend taking a trip to Malága. Why not book a girls trip? treat yourself and get lost in the city.

There is so much to do here.

I absolutely loved the flowers around the city especially the bird of paradise flowers, they are so vibrant and add colour to the streets.

Obviously, I found a Starbucks. All that walking made us hungry for a mini snack. I tried the blueberry swirl, It was ok, just a little dry.

20171112_131119One afternoon we went to Alcazaba in the city centre to try out some tapas, you have to try it. Don’t get me wrong tapas is lovely but Spanish tapas has nothing on the tapas we get at home in the uk. luckily this was a restaurant that did good tapas. None of this got wasted. The one sneaky thing this restaurant did was brought bread to the table. We didn’t ask for this nor did we eat this and we got charged an extra €3. Bit naughty if you ask me as in the UK this would have been free, so be aware.

Claudia told me about a well-known little cafe- Cafetería Casa Aranda, that was renowned for its churros so of course, we couldn’t resist. We didn’t need to book a table me sat down and were served within 30 seconds,  it was pretty impressive, to be honest. With 5* reviews we ordered some to share as they were so big. This photo doesn’t do them justice. You were asked if you wanted a cup of chocolate or sugar.

If I’m being honest the Churros were very greasy. The chocolate was alright but I wouldn’t go again. Next time, I think I’ll stick to a Nutella crepé. It was definitely worth going but I’m not too sure where the 5* comes from.

I thoroughly enjoyed my girls trip away. I have no idea where we will go on our next adventure but I can’t wait to explore somewhere new.


Thanks for reading,



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  1. Ja'd Kurumi says:

    It sounds like you had an amazing trip! The food looks so yum it’s actually making me hungry 😂
    I would love to visit this place now. Thanks for sharing girl xx


    1. Thanks for reading! Food pictures always make me hungry! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. rachaelstray says:

    I love tapas but you’re right the added charge for bread you didn’t eat or ask for happens a lot when you’re abroad. Something to be mindful of. Love that timelapse video aswell!


    1. Thank you 😊 is beautiful isn’t it! Yeah it’s naughty of them! X

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Rachel says:

    That looks absolutely lovely! My boyfriend is Spanish and I just visited him at home in Madrid. His brother lives in Mallorca so I hope to explore more of Spain with him in the future! His dad is actually currently working in Malaga 🙂

    Rachel ||


    1. It’s such a beautiful location! You should definitely visit ☺️ any excuse for a getaway! Thanks for reading! Xxx


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