Uk Swimwear

Are you heading off to somewhere hot? Seeking to get that perfect tan? Are you already booked up?

We decided to go to Fuerteventura this year. We booked up 3 months in advance so I had time to prepare.

I love shopping for holiday essentials, especially for swimwear.

I did the whole, plan your eating and exercise in advance as I like to feel physically prepared as much as I can. Yes, life does get in the way but I was doing this for ME.

I did a solid 10weeks of a healthy lifestyle change.  I felt so much better for it. Honestly by doing this is actually helped with holiday shopping. I felt more confident and relaxed trying on swimwear and just clothes in general. On the plus side, I lost 1 stone! Wahoo! Even better news, I’ve kept it off.

I was lucky enough to speak to Rachael from UK Swimwear. I was able to look at a huge range of designer swimwear and it was so hard to choose a set, trust me it was a struggle. I decided to get the stunning Future Folk Bikini. I was warned about the sizing as I am between sizes, having a larger bust and all.

Rachael was so lovely. She went above and beyond and sent me the sizes via photos which we settled on the size 14DD. It arrived the day before my holiday which was perfect timing, talk about super-fast reliable delivery.

I tried it on as soon as I shut the door to my postman. WOW! I felt beautiful! It fitted perfectly. We were a tad nervous thinking the bottoms would be a tad too big but they fitted my booty, those squats obviously came in handy.

The colour really popped and the material has a lovely shine to it with shows nicely in the sun. I was complimented on several occasions whilst wearing this bikini which you can find on my Instagram by clicking this photo.

This Bikini was idea for chilling by the pool, beach and swimming it was reliable. I was amazed by the quality of the material, the texture of the bikini is super soft and the top half is surprisingly comfortable. Usually, when I get a halter neck I can struggle with comfort but this one was perfect. It has an easy fasten plastic back clip.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear sun cream! One day I was wearing my bikini, I accidentally forgot to sun cream my lower back and burnt pretty bad. Silly me!

If you would like to look through the amazing range please Click here. It You may struggle as you have so much to choose from so why not treat yourself to more than one.

*I was sent this bikini to give my honest opinion. I have not been paid nor do I gain commission for writing this post. I was gifted a bikini of my choice to review on my holiday. I would highly recommend UK Swimwear*

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