Today’s my 27th Birthday 🎁What will I get up too…. 🎉

I decided to book some time off work to enjoy turning 27. Ok, the older you get the less Wahpp birthdays are but still time off work Wahoo! That’s a buzz in itself. So, what did I get up too? Well, first of all we ate out a lot. Oops! Bye bye diet I’ve started 10000 times over. Hello more stubborn fat to move. 😩 just being real. I’ve kind of let myself go. But, I’m back to the gym I’ve bought a meal planner and fresh tub-ware to meal prep my life back into order.

I decided to post some picture of my time off instead as a picture is worse a thousand words after all.

You can find all these images on my Instagram

So yeah. Basically I’ve enjoyed my time off I stretched my birthday out for a whole week, as you do. 🤣🙌🏻 until next year!



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