An insight to an overthinker- Welcome to how my mind works 🧠

Okay, so you’ve probably already read my blog Life’s like a filter and if not, read it then come back.

So let’s begin. Life is strange at the best of times but it can also be really good. You know from time to time people come in and out your life, some people only stay for a fragment of time but some people stay in the long haul. We pick and choose and filter these people throughout the year, hopefully the ones who you have had a good connection with will stay there but sadly some slowly dissolve.

This is okay because this is what was meant to be. I’ve always lived life like everything happens for a reason, yes, excuse the cliche but it’s worked for me so far and I don’t plan on changing the way I see my life. After all I am living it.

We live and we learn so they say, but it is true. I’m nearly 27 years old and wish I’d started my blogging sooner. Hopefully my posts will help people. Whether you just wonder or want an insight to who I really am. Some of my closest friends have probably never read any of my blogs and that’s ok.

Yes, a stranger can pop on my blog leave some kind words and be on their way but least I know I have probably made them smile. Even for a minute or two they engaged. Interaction is so important in life. We can read fake news and celebrity gossip but sometimes we loose what’s really going on. Who are we?

Back in an old blog 6 Easy ways to give back I mentioned the gift of a smile. If you make someone smile you can save their life. Think about it….take a second to look around you the next time your out. How many people will you walk past? How many people will you interact with? Do you know what they have been through? Are going through?

We never know how people are feeling. Sometimes people are going through a really rough time, yet cover it with a smile. It’s almost like wearing a mask, if you know that person you will understand something is wrong yet they may not want to talk.

Sometime in life you may experience anxiety, even depression, both aren’t very friendly but they will help you grow. They will help you shape to the person you are today and there should be no shame around that.

So, take a second look in the mirror and tell yourself one thing that you are proud of yourself for doing….(pause)

Okay, yes this a hard thing to do, but take a minute and think to yourself “what have you achieved? Where do you wanna be five years from now?

Don’t put yourself down society is hard enough without beating yourself up behind close doors.

It’s so easy to stand infront if a mirror and say err, I’m so fat.I feel ugly.I look awful.

You are AMAZING. You are here and present in the NOW. Acknowledge your heart beating. Your heart can only beat inside your body in this moment. Acknowledge your breath. You can only BREATHE for yourself.

You can also help yourself feel at ease and feel loved. No, this is not easy, believe me I’ve been here, and visit here but I always go back to being my happy self. I go through phases which I’m sure we all do at some point.

Do something you love. Dedicate 1 hour of your day for “ME TIME” I like to go to the gym. Not everyday, sometimes I may just catch up with my tv programmes or take an extra long bath. It’s important to remember who you are.

Thought of the day!

Instagram is a bit like sitting inside a car on a sunny day, looking over the perfect green fields, picture perfection. When in reality, you step out the car and it’s so windy your hard paid work of curling your hair is everywhere. Don’t be fooled by what you see on social media after all people only put on what they want you to see. No one lives the perfect life. They live the life they want you to see.

Thanks for reading!!


Disclaimer: “These thoughts are my own. I wrote what’s on my mind at the time. I write because it helps me organise my thoughts, but it also may help people understand they are not along in the way they think”

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  1. Thank you for this blog:) It was exactly what I needed to read and remind myself about on Friday morning:)

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    1. Thank you for reading! It’s so easy to just get lost. Sometimes it’s good to just take a step back. Have a great Friday! ☺️ xxx S💕

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  2. LiveNotExist says:

    Ty for This blog and Yes This mase me smile☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! ☺️ and I’m glad you smiled! Keep up the smiling ☺️ it takes more energy to frown than it does to smile! 👌🏻 S💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LiveNotExist says:

        Ty so much💜I will for sure.. I ended up taking a long walk among the sea👏

        Liked by 1 person

      2. One of My favourite places to unwind and get Some “ME TIME” in 🙌🏻💕 S

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      3. LiveNotExist says:

        It’s just perfect… and to have the privilege to walk among the Mediterranean Sea in the sun is priceless😉

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      4. Sounds amazing! As I walk out the office for today 🌴🏝🌞 xx

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      5. LiveNotExist says:

        Have a great weekend and may it be full of what you deserve and want☺️💙

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      6. Aww thank you 😊 I’m going to unwind and get some yoga in! And wherever the weekend takes me no plans yet just to enjoy sometime off work ☺️🙌🏻

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      7. LiveNotExist says:

        Wow sounds great🙂that’s how life should be😘

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  3. lifeofangela says:

    This is a great read! For me, my blog is my personal space where I share thoughts that I sometimes don’t feel comfortable sharing with, even with friends I know in my real life. I’ve made so many connections, both fleeting, and some that have turned into friendships through my blog. It’s nice to know that what you’ve written has made a positive impact 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally get that! The thoughts I wrote aren’t even spoken out loud at times. But knowing people can read and agree or just think about it it’s a lovely feeling. I’ve connected with so many wonderful people through my blog and I hope that continues. As the supports been amazing! Thank you for taking your time to pop over ☺️💕Sophie

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  4. verilesr says:

    Such an inspirational post and so much truth in this ❤️ Really enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing your thoughts ☺️

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