Help me, it’s Valentine’s Day soon – Gift Ideas ♥️

He loves me, he loves me not. Ok, so It’s V-day soon! Some people dread it and some people embrace it or just go OTT! Depending on who you are, I have some easy gift ideas to guide you along your path of decisions.

First of all….Drum roll please…………. The Gift of SLEEP! Magic! 💫

You will be loved forever. Joking your partner should love you for YOU!
Feather and Down Buy it now
So back to the gift of sleep 😴

Feather & Down have the most amazing range which you can purchase from Boots online and in selected boots stores.

Transport your partner into a relaxing ambience of tranquilly in a dreamy soft scented bath. Let’s the streams take away your stress and relax your muscles, helping your body prepare for a good nights sleep. Fingers crossed they are dreaming about you!

There is no rule against not using these products for yourself! Sharing is caring after all! Win win! See more from their range by visiting here

Anatomicals facemasks

I mean, “We only want you for your body” says it all! Smother yourself and your partner with some delicious facemasks to bust away those dirty pores, Purify your skin or just get messy. Why not paint them on each other to switch it up!

I mean why buy strawberries and chocolate when you can paint them on your face. Ok, still buy the strawberries and dip them in chocolate or Nutella… Mmmmm, delicious! I’m in!

Check out their whole range here
You can also purchase anatomicals from Boots, superdrug and Asos.


Perfume & Aftershave is always a good shout. Keep an eye on your partners favourite smells. Have they got a favourite? Is it running. Low? Want to score some brownie points? Or are you just clueless? Put the teddy bear down. I’m not 5. Ok, I’ll take the teddy bear too, but seriously “PAY ATTENTION” look for clues. Why not have a random walk around town with your partner and go spray about to get an idea of new smells.

Escada Perfume New

My top 3 women’s fragrance:


2.Daisy by Marc Jacobs

3.Escada – mostly the fruity cocktail smelling ones.

Latest edition which I actually bought today! Oops! I literally smell like watermelons 🍉 DEVDiesel BAD

Men’s top 3 fragrances:

1. L’EAU D’ISSEY Pour Homme
Issey Miyake-

2.Diesel – Bad

3.Paco Rabanne – Invictus

Lingerie is usually a good gift to buy but if you buy the wrong size you in the dog house so maybe avoid that. Unless your feeling risky.

Chocolate Yes, Yes and Yes. I don’t need to explain you should know your partners favourite treats from day one. If you don’t, are you even together?

If all fails you can always grab some flowers or a single red rose ( that’s my favourite on V-Day) as a romantic gesture and go out for food.

You don’t have to spend lots of money but if you want to spoil someone, enjoy it. Just remember…….Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you have too. The enjoyment of someones company can be enough, but for god sake at-least buy a CARD! And write some meaningful words in there.

Hope this helped!

Enjoy V-Day!! And if your single Treat yourself! You don’t need to depend on anyone to buy you anything! You do you! Always! 👌🏻


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