Review: Tan out of Ten

Review coming soon πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Let’s start with the smell!! Wow! 🌴 πŸ₯₯ coconut smells pulls your senses in. The shimmer the lotion gives off is so attached to the eye. I almost got lost in the lotion.

I used a glove inside of my mitt to avoid getting unwanted dyed palms.

Check out that glimmer!! Obviously I put this on my Instagram story! The only issue I had was my mitt literally drank up the lotion.

I took this photo 3 hours into the developing process. The packaging advising 4-6 hours to develop. I don’t have 6 hours to let this develops so I’ll be washing off at 4. I have used the medium Tan out of 10 on my upper body. I’ll be wearing jeans tonight and a fancy top so no need to tan whole body as let’s be honest it’s still really cold! So no one will know.

So what do you do when it’s developing. The music is on! My makeup bag is packed, outfit ready! Shoes, em where are my shoes! I’ve curled my hair and I’ll very, very carefully wash this off soon. Fingers crossed it works. I’ve heard some good reviews of this tan and was kindly send these sachets to try out. I only tan for special occasions and since I’m pale as paper I need to for tonight. It’s my friends birthday so fingers crossed it works!

Ok, so I stopped organising and took some snapchats why not! I get easily distracted! I bet I’m not ready when she comes to pick me up. Speaking of this I’m writing this blog right now, when I should be getting ready! Oh well!

My hairs looking so good today! Soft curls done with my GHD hair straighteners. I find straighteners curl better than actual barrel curlers.

Ok, better go for now I’ll finish this soon ✌🏻

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