Aloe Vera – High strength

Do you suffer from bloating? Unsure what is actually causing it? Maybe it’s IBS I’m not up for the whole doctors playing guessing games and filling your body with tablets. I got so sick of the “Oh keep a food diary, Oh maybe it’s IBS, maybe your just something intolerant”.

One of my best friends told me about some Aloe Vera tablets. So I decided to pop into Holland and Barretts to check them out. I only had the intention of browsing however they were reduced from £7.99 to £1.91 so I bought the last 4. I hmm’d n harrr’d before going to the till.
I take 1 a day. Usually in the morning alongside my B-Complex & B12 vitamins and my Echinacea tablets. I’m trying to keep away the awful winter cold. 🙄🤧

So far I’ve been taking these over a week and my body’s never felt so healthy. My digestive system has totally calmed down. I don’t get bloated. I’ve had a mild cold so far but nothing compares to what I’m usually like this time of year. (fingers crossed 🤞🏼I haven’t jinxed myself)

Today I ordered some more bottled as they don’t expire till 2020. so stocking up since the store was empty. but you can make online purchases. So if you want to try them out or anything else. I got a 10% off code after my order so if you want 10% off use the link

Holland and Barrett currently have a buy one get one half price so yup I bought 18bottles of it. Ooops!

Other Vitamins in my collection 👌🏻

I always like a little look when the penny sale is on, especially if it’s anything that can enchance my health as lately I’ve totally slacked. I’m not gyming 3-5 times a week and quite frankly I’ve been super lazy.

I’ve let work drag me down and tire me out. It’s not on. So Sunday before I started work I made myself go to the gym and I absolutely loved it! ( This summed up my workout 🤣 I went hard for my first session back in a while, Oops)

I felt uneasy until around 6pm. My bad!

It’s makes me think why on earth did I stop?? Why do I always do this to myself?

It’s like the bad habits creep back in. Whyyy??

I’m an idiot I will moan about my weight, I will self hate In The mirror,for the simple reason I am being lazy! There I said it! I admitted it!

So the whole new year new me malarkey will I stick to it?? Who knows. But with small simple easy manage steps there’s no reason not too.

I’m always going on a diet for an occasion. Why don’t I just change my health habits for me?

So what works for you? What’s manageable?

Thanks for reading!!!


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