I have an obsession and it’s with DKNY Handbags

I have an obsession and it’s with DKNY Handbags
Ok, so Polyvore is one of my Favourite Apps! Especially for inspiration! Soooo….. for around 8 years I’ve bought DKNY handbags. I am going to take pictures of my collections and add them ☺️ when I’m not working crazy hours at work! So for now to be continued……….
DKNY backpack bag<
125 – macys.com

DKNY pink tote bag<

DKNY crossbody purse<
170 – farfetch.com

DKNY shoulder handbag<

DKNY man bag<

DKNY crossbody purse<
81 – macys.com

DKNY shoulder bag<

DKNY pink wallet<

DKNY pink bag<
83 – monnierfreres.com

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  1. Sophie says:

    They’re all so pretty though! Very similar in colour haha 🙂

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    1. I don’t own any of these ones I just got inspired by the beautiful colour. Hehe I am going to take photos of mines and talk about why I have it and why I chose the colour I did. I’m definitely a handbag lady over shoes any day! 💕✌🏻

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      1. Sophie says:

        The colour is so pretty and does go with everything! I can’t wait to them 🙂 I love seeing people’s handbag collections. I’m currently after a Michael Kors handbag 🙈

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      2. I recently went to Vegas and “accidentally”
        Walked into the Michael Korda outlet 🙊 I bought a tan, rose gold,
        Navy handbag and a rose gold purse. All came to £348 howwww amazing!!!!!! So get yourself to Vegas and go shopping at the outlets!! My last few DKNYs have been from my Vegas trips too ✌🏻 that’s the secret to my collection 😍💕

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      3. Sophie says:

        Oh my goodness, I’m so jealous 🙈 looks like I’ll be planning a trip in the future haha!! 💖

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      4. Defiantly check out my Instagram photos are on there somewhere back in June 💕 followed you. Thanks for stopping by ☺️

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      5. Sophie says:

        I’ll definitely do that! Thank you 💖

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  2. -Eugenia says:

    Beautiful bags and I love the color.

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  3. Dealman says:

    Different color bags amazing.

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