Life’s like a filter part 2 

Back in December I wrote a blog called Life’s like a filter. It is pinned on my blog so if you haven’t read it please leave this one and read that first…..then come back.
So since December I’ve done a lot for myself. Mental wise. I’m sure I had about 15 anxiety breakdowns along the way but hey ho, it’s been part of my life. I can manage my anxiety better than ever. Like I said in my previous post this month it doesn’t just stop there is no quick fix. But the best thing you can do is take time for YOU! Who ME? Yup!!! You just hit the nail in the head!

‘You are important!’


We live in a world with millions of people and guess what? Not one of them is the same. No-one thinks the same, looks the same (even twins are different even if it’s by a fraction) Eckhart-Tolle-Quotes-22-e1441309354202

In the summer I took myself down to the beach, just to be in the moment to breathe. (Blog called Balance and Breathe at the beach)To focus on what’s important. The Now! Speaking of the Now I watched this inspirational video below. Please watch it all the way through.


I watched the whole video and though, ‘Wow’. This is so simple why on earth have I never looked at life-like this. I’m always wondering what’s next. What time I have to be home. What I need to get done, when I have to tidy the flat by. What’s for tea. Did I clean that? Did I wash those? Bugs, honestly my mind over thinks the over thinking. It’s a pretty insane place to be. Lucky for you I’m the only person who can be in here.


So that aside. I tried meditation. I have trialled a couple apps on my phone and found them to be very useful  (read my previous blog app review) 😉🙏

I have tried yoga and Pilates more to feed my body with positive energy. I love feeling deep stretches through my body. I can see how far my body’s came and it makes me feel proud.

I mean don’t get me wrong my self-love level isn’t 100% but instead of being about 20% I would say I can happily say in my mind space I’m about 80% there and this is massive for me.

Blogging helps a lot. I love to talk so why not write it down. Pray someone reads it as. Thinks I’m so glad I read this. She really understand what I’m going through.


Like I’ve said before we are only human it’s ok to feel emotions, it’s ok to feel rubbish but it’s how we cope with those feelings that’s determines our future.

One step at a time we can learn to accept who we are. Remember YOU are the only one of YOU! So take a look in the mirror and say,

I am Beautiful

I am Strong

I am Courageous

I am ME

No-one else I AM ME! There is only ONE ME! And I am here. I am present in this moment for ME!

I learnt this whilst taking part in Mel Wells Self Love week.

So you probs read that and though ok this women’s insane. I dare you to try it….. go on I’ll wait right here.

                                                   How did it feel?? Let me know 😊🙏

letting go

We hang on to what if’s and should I of said/done that?  For what ever reason you probably chose your gut. We all do, you are not alone. So what I am trying to say is…..Always be YOU. You are so important. Never doubt yourself. Every decision we make helps us to grow. Whether it be a good or a bad choice we learn from it.

What have you done for yourself lately? I mean really done for you? It could be a bath with candles, read a book, meditated. let me know in the comments below.


Thanks for reading!!

Much Love Sophie xXx

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  1. GCDTravelFit says:

    Awesome post, enjoyed this one 👌🏻😁

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