#SelfLoveWeek with Mel Wells


So this week is Self Love week. I have decided to join 4000 women across the world to join in on a journey of Self Love.

Now you may be thinking emmmm ok…..what the…? Well Self Love is actually very important for our sanity. Sadly so far I’ve realised that so many women out there hate something, if not multiple things about themselves, including me. We can all look at photographs on social media and be like, ‘ Oh I wish I had her body. I wish I had her long hair. I wish I looked like that. I wish I had her life.

‘Why do we do this to ourselves?WHYYYYY??’

Social media and the way we have grown up we have always been around media of you are too Fat or too thin. Your teeth aren’t white enough, your eyes aren’t big enough. You’re nose is too big. You aren’t in proportion.

Now what does it actually mean though when someone says ‘You are FAT? you are too skinny? You have a weird face? You have a big nose? Well Done for using words to make someone feel insecure. Well done for not thinking before you speak. If you really think about words do they actually mean anything?


ONE…..nasty comment can determine a persons complex for the rest of their life. I have my own and I have considered plastic surgery for around 15 years. YUP!! I am 26 years old and I started to get bullied at the age of 11. Since then I knew I wanted / needed to sort it out so hopefully the names would go away. How daft?? all this from words but for some reason I can’t get over it. The negative thoughts linger. Maybe one day I will become at peace with my body or I will bite the bullet and go under the knife. I’m still undecided.

anyways less about me back to Self Love Week.

DAY 1: Challenge was share one thing you LOVE about yourself…..

@iammelwells Self Love Week Challenge Day 1……One thing I love about me is my…..Birthmark. For many years I used to hate people’s ignorance what’s that on you’re, err who gave you a love bite on you’re… breast? It’s called a birthmark. I was actually born with it. Hard to believe right! I have a medium sized strawberry mark on my left breast. I used to think this is definitely in a highly inappropriate place but why should it be? No-one else in the world has the same shape birthmark as mine. No-one else has it in the same place or colour. This helps make me unique. I tried to cover it up loads of times to avoid questions and ignorance. It took around 21 years for me to stop trying to cover it up. And for questions like why don’t you get it lazered? To stop. I am me. I’m not totally at peace with my looks but my Birthmark is here to stay. 💞 A little secret when I go on holiday and start to catch tan my brithmark deepens in colour 💞 The strawberry pink turns into a rose red. 🌸🌹 #SelfLoveWeek #goddess #selflove #imperfections #birthmark #unique #me #friends #support #happy #pink #challenge #day1 #empowerment #melwells #love #truth #newcastle

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somethingsotruesd    @iammelwells

To be honet I was totally overwhelemed with the amount of beautiful comments I recieved from this post. It has been such a change to have my social media platform filled with positive and beautiful people.

Day 2: Challenge – Share on thing you are PROUD of…..

@iammelwells 🌸Day 2 of the SelfLoveWeek challenge: I am Proud of myself because… I can finally be ME. So this may sound strange but this beautiful soul standing next to me showed me that not only can I be myself, I can be Loved, Cherished and Cared for EVERYDAY. He has an absolute heart of Gold. In previous relationships I was put down, broken and made to feel worthless. Luke accepts my flaws, my silliness, my hairs all over the house, my clips everywhere, my mess, my moods and my body. I still have a long way to go for ME to be at peace with me and my body but he settles the anxiety that likes to creep in. I am Proud he walked in my like to make me feel human. Why not share a silly photo!! We do nothing but laugh and I’m so grateful! 💞🙌🏼❤️🌺🌸🌊 #selflove #happiness #selfloveweek #boyfriend #proud #laugh #challenge #melwells #mindfulness #photography #comedy #picoftheday #like #love #share

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Soppy Alert but just to elaborate on this he is my world. We have been together 4.5 years and he’s just my everything.

Day 3: Challenge – Treat yourself…

@iammelwells 🌸Day 3: Today’s. Challenge was to treat yourself so I decided to give myself some time to read my New book “Get Your Sh*T Together” (if you’ve not read it please do it’s amazing!!) I never take a moment to just sit and read. I started reading this book a few weeks ago and just,well…let’s be honest “life got in the way”, as we say but I just wasn’t making time for myself. So today I read a couple chapters in my book I laughed, I felt relaxed and I really enjoyed it. I wish I could do this more often, in fact screw that……I can do more. I will make time for myself as it feels AMAZING🤓👌🏻Also I bought some face masks so I can fully chillout!!! 💞👌🏻😊🙏#Treat #day3 #selflove #selfloveweek #quote #like #instagood #melwells #friendship #me #love #challenge #newcastle #goddess #grow #strength #selflove #perfect #book #getyourshittogether

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Day 4: Challenge – I love my Body because…


Yup, by far this was one the  hardest posts so far. I may come across as a very confident person full of bubbles and comedy but I am also very insecure. It’s almost like I am my own contradiction.

I am started taking steps for ME. reading more, yoga, Pilates and weight training. I also started my Adult colouring book again while I’m at work as this helps me feel more at peace and productive.

We shall see how I can change my mind and how I feel about myself but so far I’m absolutely loving this #SelfLoveWeek and if anyone hasn’t already done one please do.


Day 5: Challenge – I manifest in a dream

So after doing a 5 days Self Love I felt more aware of ME. What is important and how I can work on myself to make ME feel comfortable in my own skin. life is a working process and it doesn’t happen over night, and this is ok.


Have you ever joined in a Self Love Week? how did you feel?

Sophie xXx



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  1. falidude says:

    I love the message you have put across in this post and the tactic you have used to show what you love about yourself is cool. I hope people do a similar thing because it can help boost a persons self esteem. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😊 I really appreciate your comment. People do lack selflove so much and it would be amazing if more people could experience it. It’s helped change my mind set. Have a great day!!! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. swishmyswag says:

    This was great, I also want to read Get Your Sh*t Together, maybe I should treat myself x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes do!!! I got mine from amazon! It’s with it! It makes me laugh too as it just makes so much sense! I’ve just bought another book today….. the Power of Now by Elkhart Tolle 👌🏻💞can’t wait to read it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. swishmyswag says:

        I have just bought that I’m going to collect it from the store today! X

        Liked by 1 person

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