Bye Bye Summer 👋🏼 Hello Boots and shirts 💞

Bye Bye Summer 👋🏼 Hello Boots and shirts 💞


H m shirt
£23 –

Boohoo high-waisted wide leg pants
£4.58 –

H&M high heel booties
£19 –

Michael Kors travel tote bag

DKNY rose gold watch
£115 –

Accessorize pendant necklace
£18 –

Accessorize triangle ring
£12 –

Topshop umbrella

Tech accessory

Hypoallergenic eye makeup
£21 –

Nars cosmetic
£20 –

Nars cosmetic
£18 –

MAC Cosmetics gel eyeliner
£16 –

Unicorn Lashes beauty product
£46 –

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  1. I love winter. ❤ Especially wearing shirts, slurping tomato soup, sleeping in blankets. 😆 Here, in India also winter is not far away.

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    1. I love summer but there is something nice about wearing jumpers and I agree soup! I love having soup in a mug 👌🏻 hehe part of the winter experience. Yes winter is creeping in it’s strange it’s humid some days then rainy and cold the next. Xx


      1. You are right but here, the place where I live winter is different. Only cold days, not too cold, no snowfall but summers are too hot in comparison to winters so I don’t like summer much. But I like icecreams in summer. I like one thing also in winter that everyone looks fat in that season like I am because of sweaters. 😂😂

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      2. Hahaha I love to hide in baggy clothes and jumpers makes me feel better. However, I love all the tasty naughty food. Guilty! I’m trying to be healthy! Again! Suppose that calls for another BLOG going to do one like “the struggle is real 😂👌🏻” I’m sure everyone can relate! Winters can be weird here one day freezing next day 20 degrees it’s strange! Global warming at its best! Love ice cream 🍦 every now and then but cakes my favourite hahha mmmmm 😋


      3. 😂 I too love cakes 🎂 but forgot to mention. 😋😋

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