Do you Dare to NARS? My Top 3! ❤️💄PowerMatte Lip Pigment ❤️💄

Do you Dare to NARS? My Top 3! ❤️💄PowerMatte Lip Pigment ❤️💄



Nars cosmetic
£20 –

Nars cosmetic
£20 –

Nars cosmetic
£20 –
                                       “DON’T BE SO SERIOUS, IT’S ONLY MAKEUP”
Happy Saturday! Day 1 of my 10days off work Wahooo! So, today I attended the NARS PowerMatte Lip Pigment Launch at John Lewis, Eldon Square Newcastle. First of all “Wow”!! Not only about the fabulous products but the staff! I couldn’t have asked to be looked after by a nicer lady. Her name was Mary. Not only was her make-up flawless she was lovely and full of NARS knowledge. Soon as I sat down I was offered a glass of champagne, which I wasn’t going to say no too. It would have been rude, right? Taste buds aside, Mary told me the in’s and out’s of the new collection.
What I liked about NARS was the fact that the staff give you their time. You are not rushed about like previous makeup counters I have been too. Mary especially took her time to ask me what colours do I usually wear? And what colour is out of my comfort zone? I really liked this,as to be honest I’m scared of bright colours on my lips. Yup, sounds daft but little me gets lost with nude lips! Bit of a bad habit to be honest, but I’ve not had the kick to just jump into the colour world.
So Mary chose 1 colour in my comfort zone “Get it on” then a colour more natural to my lips “Save The Queen” and a wild card colour “Light My Fire” when she first showed me this I reacted rather scared “So daft. I didn’t know how right she was going to be”. I think I was a bit nervous, silly me it was amazing. I was a red lip virgin until today. I left the counter in John Lewis, Eldon Square like a new women.
When the PowerMatte Lip Pigment is applied to your lips 👄 it feels so clean, not claggy as I described. It doesn’t break, part and spread. It stays on your lips perfect. After I left I went to Starbucks had my usually frappacino, drank 3 cups of water had a lovely meal wth my boyfriend with dessert. So bare in mind I had a busy day so from 2:15 this afternoon. My lips didn’t even need another coat, I got home around 8:30pm to me this is pretty darn good! I’ve never experienced a Lip colour that last this long and still looks fabulous! I wish I’d been introduced to NARS earlier! Very good value for money. I would highly recommend this brand and if you are scared of colour like me use the swatch they have on the counters to experiment with colour. “It’s pretty cool, of course I did this in front of the mirror”. You can also test out the colours of your choice and see how you feel.
img_6440Took from the NARS website linked above 💋

You’re looking at about £23 to buy in store or £20 from the NARS website. Slightly on the pricey side to what I’m used too, but if I’m being totally honest the quality Long lasting finish is worth the extra pounds. So go wild and treat yourself! I did, Guilty! ❤️💄


Who doesn’t love a good old Boomerang ( Follow @narsjlnewcastle for more instire updates 👌🏻) and a modest selfie? Well I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity I mean look at the colour! I know what you are thinking, Wow! Yup, me too! How beautiful Is it? I’m definitely going to be wearing more BOLD colours! I’m tempted to buying more from this range! Which colour would you get?


“Be Bold, Express your inner Self”

It’s safe to say I’m not longer a Red lip virgin. I am very excited to try more pop colours in the future. Yes I took Thisbe one using my snapchat! Again, why not I felt AMAZING!


See you again NARS 👄💄xXx


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  1. Kadii says:

    Honestly, I’ve never tried a NARS lip produce. I was just in Sephora about to get one but Tarte Liquid Lipstick was the deal of the week for $11

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    1. I’m currently writing the Blog to attach to this. Honestly it was my first NARS experience and it was amazing! I got the light my fire – Red. Applied this at 2:15 and it was still on perfectly at 8:30pm!! How amazing!! No breakage, cracks anything! You should honestly treat yourself it feels so clean and smooth on your lips. And the colour, well it speaks for itself! I love a good lippy 💄💋 I’m used to using Mac all the time but I think I’ve found a new favourite!

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