Escape into the book world 🌎 of not giving a… grain of sand. 

Have you ever had a day off, sat on the couch, finished a delicious coffee and thought, “What am I doing? Why am I wasting today?”. Probably, well this is what I did today. I decided to change my day and remove my lazy ass from the couch. Sometimes you just have to get away from the four wall’s you live in. Get ready. Grab a blanket, book and buy a hot chocolate. Take a deep breath and drive somewhere or walk depending on where your head takes you. Mine is always to the beach. So you may think, “Oh dear, you went by yourself? You ok?” I’m absolutely fine. I love going to the beach. In fact,I don’t go often enough. It’s about a 10 minute drive from my flat, I couldn’t be luckier.

Whilst driving to Tynemouth I noticed it was rather busy in Whitley Bay, people out on the lash. There’s me in my gym gear, a prepped bag, excited to go read my new book.

I don’t read at all anymore and I’m not quite sure why I stopped. I have a few books collecting dust on my shelf that I have read about 65% of each a few years back. So I thought, ” Let’s sort this out, NOW, not on a Monday”.

Anyone else guilty of the “Monday start rule?”, yeah me too! Don’t worry I’ll start on Monday. No, no day, month or year should determine when you decide to change something. Why not NOW? Be in the moment. Breathe, take a minute for YOU! As after all, you can only breathe for yourself. ( unless you are having a baby) anyways, today I laid my pretty pink and white blended blanket across the golden sands. Positioned my hot chocolate so I wouldn’t spill it everywhere, as I can be super clumsy.

Watched the seagulls squawk around me and dived into my new book.

“Get Your Shit Together ” By Sarah Knight.

Finally a book I can read and 100% relate too. It’s as real as it gets. I’ve only just started but I can assure you I WILL finish this book!

So today I achieved taking an Hour to myself, alone at my favourite place. To re-balance myself. Life gets pretty hectic, whether you notice it or not. Sometimes we stress over the littlest things when in reality they don’t matter. We strive to have the perfect body image, to help our own inner-insecurities even though the people around us love us for who we are. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Take time for YOU!

I promise you will be a better person not only for other people but most importantly YOURSELF.

Anyways, how was Sunday for you?

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