Balance and Breathe at the Beach….

20170716_094211Tynemouth Longsand’s is my favourite beach on our coastline.

I love coming here whether it be by myself or a friend. I love the sound of the waves hitting the sand banks. Have you ever walked along the beach but really took a minute to look, listen and see? Be in the moment, appreciate life. Appreciate the nature around you.


9am, the sun was warming up the beach with a slight breeze. I found a log that had washed up in the middle of the beach. what a perfect place to relax and chill. I sat and listened to the waves. The beach was pretty empty. A boot camp was in action on the right side of the beach and on the far left were a couple of people walking their dogs.

I sat here for about 30 minutes soaking in the rays and balancing my mind.
I almost felt like i was ona mini holiday. Have you ever had anxiety? stress? felt on edge? well my go to place s the beach. I have anxiety attacks now and then and if im lucky they are months apart.



I strongly believe its how you deal with them. We all have triggers that set us off. Mine triggers are my own and I know I can cope with the thoughts. Being a overthinker my mind plays games. it thinks about thinking, then over thinks the thinking. Yup, its crazy but it’s my own mind.


Step 1: Remember you are still breathing

Step 2: Look at your surroundings.

Step 3: Listen to your surroundings.

Step 4: Embrace it. Be in the moment.



Everyone is different and cope with things in different ways. You’re mind is your own and no-one will ever understand why you think they way you do.  Usually when I feel down or un-balanced I find a white feather. They just seem to appear in the right moment.



Just try to make the most of it. When I feel my anxiety levels peaking I take myself to the gym. Last Sunday I had the most productive session. Leg day, I pushed myself beyond my boundaries. I helped turn a negative day into a balance day. By using our emotions we can make the most out of a work-out. I would love to say I am 100% committed to my health and fitness but I’m about 70%. I would love to make it my goal to be 100% committed.


Next time you feel a bit rubbish take yourself to your favourite place and enjoy it. you never know what you may find here’s a few pictures from my day.



Thanks for reading!!!

I hope you have an Amazing day!

Remember, Always smile as it takes more energy to frown!

Sophie xXx





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  1. I love going to the beach and it’s such a perfect place for meditation and relaxing! Totally feel you about the exercise too, even going for a walk helps me keep my head straight!
    Alice Xx

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    1. Yeah it’s great! I recently found out there is local yoga classes on the beach I am going to give it a go sometime 😊👌🏻


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