What perfume’s make you, YOU!




First of all yes, I have a few bottles of Daisy as they are absolutely delicious! The smell reminds me of  Palmer Violets. Mmmm…Anways here is my top 3. I have a couple more bottles of perfume but they didnt make the cut. I have used J’Adore, Ralph lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.


I am completely obsessed with this perfume. I received a bottle of this for my Birthday many years ago and the love never died. 

Why Flowerbomb? wouldn’t you want to smell like a whirlwind of floral goodness and a hint of couture? Awaken youre senses with this strong floral layer of goodness. I find I use less of the Eua de parfum and still smell amazing all day. 

I use flowerbomb for special occasions or cocktails withe the girls.



Number 2: Daisy

‘A daisy is a friendly flower, not precious, not exotic, but it evokes a spirit in a lot of women.’
– Marc Jacobs

Being a day to day fragrance I wear Daisy for work, days off and date night. I love the fresh smell.

This perfume helps mefeel confident and ready for the dy ahead. I am a strong believer in buying good perfumes. If you smell amazing you are amazing. Cheesy but it definaetly helps.


Number 3: Escada


I have a couple different Escada Perfumes over the years I currently love wearing this Agua Del Sol. I  previous used the Rocking in Rio which I still have  boxed bottle and a mini bottle. Escada make some of the freshest perfumes ive ever smelt, I usually wear this when its sunny as it’s a fun holiday style perfume and makes you feel energised.






If you had to choose youre top 3 what would they be?      I am always up for trying new perfumes but for a couple of years now thee have been my top 3. You never know what smell willpull you in.


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