2 Weeks into a new routine…Feeling great!




Back on May 6th we spontaneously booked a last minute trip to Vegas. Why not? Right, YOLO! So we all wish we were ‘Bikini ready’. What is the definition of this? People come in different shapes and sizes and I happen to only be 5’2 (ish) so it is a lot harder to carry extra pounds. Currently I’ve got a lot of extra pounds I want to lose. So this was the perfect time to start!

So, what did I do? I started using My Fitness Pal again! Love this App, it’s perfect for keeping an eye on what you are actually eating. You would be surprised how may calories you are eating when you don’t count them.

I am back into the gym, I started to swim and do work-out’s at home.


since the weathers kind of getting better there no excuse not to go for walks and do outdoor work outs with my friends.

A few months ago I bought a FitBit Charge2 and I absolutely love it! I love watching my steps go up and trying to hit 45min Active Goal and 10,000 steps a day!

If I haven’t hit both these goals before I get home I just do a home workout instead until I do.  I’m rather competitive so I even challenge myself at the minute to help with my weight loss. I feel like I have gained  a healthier mind.

I meal prep to help with my food which is great, as its fun and easy. knowing you can reach for a prepped meal helps me from grabbing the wrong quick food.

IMG_4442so what have I been making? roasted vegetables with garlic. so easy and tasty to add anything on top. I like to add Salmon, chicken, Quorn nuggets or just have it plain.


making false pizzas just because I craved pizza but I would have felt too guilty to eat real pizza so we halved a Kingsmill wholemeal pocket, added lean bolognese from last night and added Halloumi cheese. Super tasty and less calories then a slice of pizza.



Spiralise your veg. I like to do it with courgettes and carrots to make a fake pasta. to be honest I prefer this to pasta as my stomach reacts really badly to it. So I don’t have to worry about having a swollen, painful stomach. I feel great after eating a bowl of it.

Being healthy can be done, you just have to put your mind to it. Give yourself time and your body will show you results, you just have to be patient.  I have lost 6lbs who knows how much more will drop off on my journey. We shall see.

”Never give up on you. If you give up on yourself how can you expect others to keep you going”


Good luck on your fitness journey! I feel so much happy to finally be back on mine. Do it for you! I promise it is half the battle.

Thanks for reading,

Soph xXx



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