Miller and Carter Review


Where to being?….. 4th Visit and just as Tasty!

Wow this place does not disappoint. I have been here now 4 times with my friends and my partner. Each time was mouth watering.

So a little bit about the Steak House. Miller and Carter Opened nearly 2 years ago. Believe it or not it used to be a bank. Located on Mosley Street at the heart of Newcastle city centre. This is a perfect, easy to get too location. Whether you drive or jump on the metro to Monument.




I haven’t yet tasted the dessert as I have never had enough room left to be tempted enough to break into your extra dessert space. ( total sugar junky here! yes when I worked as a waitress I sued to explained well you know that extra space you keep empty for dessert? Call me crazy but I bet you know what I mean! Oh, look you just smiled)








My friend and I went for our Christmas meal. This was my first visit to Miller and Carter that helped open my heart. When you sing up to Steak Club you receive a free glass of wine with your first meal. Bonus! who doesn’t love FREE wine! We started with a Salmon terrine followed by our delicious steaks. nothing was wasted.




Time for the Mains….

20161219_175622Honestly speaking……this meal was Delicious. I don’t eat meat everyday its more of a now and then but wow was this cooked perfect. I ordered the 8oz Rump steak Medium rare glazed with parsley butter. this was cooked to melting perfection. Accompanied by a grilled tomato, onion loaf and a small pan of peppercorn sauce. I see your glancing over to the left here. yes that is a WEDGE of lettuce smothered with garlic sauce and parmesan shavings. DEVINE!

Unfortunately there was no room left! not even in the tiny space you keep for dessert.


This was my third visit on March 29th with my partner we decided to get the Bistro 8oz Rump Steak. Again having it cooked Medium rare. The waitress advised we get this one cooked more medium but kept it at medium rare. Personally this cut of meat wasn’t as nice as the normal Rump ( £14.95) this cost a (£17.50) I didn’t se the hype. I’d rather just have the normal rump.

so your probably wondering what that little bowl is of yellow delight. This is the Famous Lobster Mac & Cheese, no biggie. luckily this was a free steak side down to doing a survey after our last booking. (£5.25) not worth it if you had to pay. But, it was nice to try something I wouldn’t order.

The staff are very friendly and always ask how everything is and if your steaks cooked correctly.

Today I tried the lunch menu as currently you can get 2 courses from the fixed menu for (£10.95) and 3 courses for (£13.95) absolute bargain. For starter I had the calamari accompanied by a garlic mayonnaise. Followed by a chicken Schnitzel  on a bed of fries with a pesto olive oil dressed mozzarella leaf salad. Finished by some milk chocolate covered, salted caramel profiteroles with a side of warm dark chocolate for dipping.










To be honest I definitely just prefer the steak even though the 3 course was nice it wasn’t on the standards of the steak meals  I have had.

Overall I would say this is the Best Steak house in Newcastle! I would highly recommend anyone to go eat here whether it be with your partner or a friend its perfect.


Thanks for reading!

So tell me where is your favourite place to eat?

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