What makes you happy?

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0685.So life’s weird at the best of times we have good and bad days.

So what really makes you happy? be honest with yourself… So lets start with me.

Well I’m pretty easy going. I love the little things in life. I love the ocean. Not the thought of being in the middle of the ocean but the sound of the waves crashing against the beach. The Beach is my happy go to place. I could sit there any time of day and just do nothing. leave my phone and reality to the side to just have ME time. A lot of people these days don’t remember that they also need time for themselves.

To many people wonder around being stressed, unhappy and never relax. Usually funny enough this is typically me. But when I take a step back and just breathe I remember I need ME time too. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0805.

So what else makes me happy? Banter. I LOVE having a decent laugh to the point you cry, your belly hurts and you cant laugh no more. Its better when you find this kind of laughter with a Friend, Boyfriend or just yourself. Yup, lets be honest you will of had a moment when you’ve realised how much of a comedian you are. Well, I do from time to time. ‘Cringe’. Haha! Sometimes my honestly gets me into trouble but so be it. Life’s to short to step around situations.

So what do these things that make me happy have in common? They are all FREE. Life is full of materialistic items, false promises and people wishing they had something better.

We all have dreams and there’s nothing wrong with that but learn to appreciate the little things that make you happy around you. It makes a HUGE difference.


Live life to your fullest. Enjoy every moment. Face your fears to make yourself stronger.

the photos I have used were from a holiday we had last July. Our first holiday together. I did things I never thought I would. I listened to the waves around the world. I appreciated the time we had together. I admired the diamond night skys, the laughs and the breathes we took along the way.

Take time for the first person in your life YOU! Don’t forget you have to come first because if you don’t put yourself first how do you expect anyone else to make you their number1?


More random blogs to come 🙂 they alo make me happy because I can put my thoughts to good use. im sure there is many other people who are the same so if you read it feel free to leave a comment. Have a wonderful day!!!


Sophie xXx

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