Bubble t Cosmetics: Product Review


You know when you go out and accidentally buy the most delicious, spectacular bath products. Yes, this happened to me. I stumbled upon the eye-catching pearls. I couldn’t not buy them. Sparkling in the lights of the store; Debenhams. I rescued them from the shelves, buying the last two tubes. I mean come on look at that blue balls…Ooooooooooooo….how pretty are these?

“It’s almost like a little ball of the ocean was put into a tiny pearl whilst lying underneath the moonlight”. (This quote was Loved by BubbleTcosmetics on Instagram 💙)

So now I’ve got your attention, you are probably wanting to know what are these beauties?

In the words of the creator:

We know there are plenty of existing minty fragrances out there – we’ve been inspired by the North African tea combination. In Morocco, tea culture is defined by the way it’s prepared and consumed, its considered an art form. With this in mind we knew it was important we captured this with our blend of ingredients.

Refreshing peppermint infused with white jasmine and sweet spearmint enhances your senses to energise and revive.

Quoted from http://bubbletcosmetics.com/collections/reviveBath timeimg_2423

I love how there is a sign saying ‘Don’t Eat me’.

So how was my bath? well, these pearls took me back to my childhood. My mam used to have oil pearls in a mini glass jar in the bathroom and we were allowed to choose any colour we liked. I used to be fascinated by the outer shell breaking and the oil spreading its oil pebbles across the top of the water.

So being called Bubble t cosmetics it only seemed right to put these photos in bubbles.

Love, Love, Love!!!

I can’t wait to try the pink ones too.


We needed a sweet fruity scent. The initial fragrance tones started with wild strawberry due to its restoring properties. In development, the addition of Hibiscus and acai berry tea complimented the wild strawberry very much and the final fragrance was created. Hibiscus tea hold properties that rejuvenate the skin as its rich in Vitamin C. Acai berries help to smoothen face lines and wrinkles formed when your skin loses elasticity. Wild strawberry helps to relieve insomnia.you can buy these from Debenhams, Topshop, Superdrug, Ocado and FeelUnique.com.

I would highly recommend to Revive and Restore your senses with these gorgeous bath and body creations. Please visit Bubble t Cosmetics on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.http://bubbletcosmetics.com

Thanks for reading! Now go check out their amazing website and open your senses!


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