The Great British Cupcakery on cheat day…


The Great British cupcakery is based on Newcastle’s Quayside.

Tucked away on Queen street.

We have visited this cute vintage café on numerous occasions. However weve never sat in together. its always been a quick stare at the cupcake counter choose a few and go. always on the go!

So we decided for my cheat day to go and sit in to have a monster milkshake.

it was really busy when we arrived so we had to wait for a table.

Finally a couple left in the back corner so we swopped into their warm seats.20170119_141747

Admiring the random décor around the café I found this cute crown,

‘Drinking champagne and dancing on tables’.

This was so cute I had to take a picture and keep it on our table. there was also a random fancy dress box in the corner. for what reasons we had no idea.

Watching trays of delicious looking milkshake arrive upstairs we patiently waited for ours.

That feeling when you see your order coming and you act like your not excited.


Look at these beauties……

img_20170119_180251_616.Strawberry Shawty and Cookie and cream smothered in cookie dough.

Strawberry Shawty – homemade strawberry thick milkshake topped with whipped cream , soft strawberry flavoured shortbread, Fresh strawberry, meringue and tiny marshmallows. kissed with strawberry sauce. served on a  vintage plate.


Cookies and Cream – Vanilla ice-cream milkshake cuddled with whipped cream, topped with a delightful chocolate chip rich chocolate ice-cream sandwich. laced with a generous bed sheet of milk and white chocolate ganache kissed by cookie dough pieces.

wow I bet your thinking this is a heart attack in a glass! I would hate to know how many calories are in here. so this being my  ‘ CHEAT ‘ I still felt guilty.

After drinking half of my heart attack beauty I gave in.We will definitely return however I think ill just stick to the cupcakes next time and a pot of tea.

So until the next cheat day!




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