4year Anniversary 🌹


img_2234Finally we agreed on a little getaway to the lakes district. We found a Manor House on Groupon.

So we booked a 1 night stay with a spa day.

The voucher itself was £129 but there was a voucher code for £20 off. Wahoo! Everyone loves money off!

Included in the voucher was a 1 Night stay with breakfast and a 3course dinner with a glass of prosecco or Tea and cake. obviously I chose the prosecco and my boyfriend chose the ginger cake with tea.

So we started with our light lunch which we both chose the homemade vegetable soup with truffle oil and croutons and 2 fresh baked mini bread buns-one with sultanas and one sage flavoured.

Followed by a light smoked chicken and bacon caesar Salad. This was the first time I’d every tried this salad.

The Garden Spa

After lunch we walked through to the spa. It looked so bright and inviting. It’s tucked away at the back of the hotel.

The Garden Spa was occupied by younger members of staff who helped us both feel relaxed and welcome.


The spa includes a salt inhalation room, foot spa, steam room, sauna, outside private hot tub, hydrotherapy pool with many water features and a hot tub in the outside garden. You can also purchase drinks in the spa.img_2061

Upstairs is where all the massage rooms are and a relaxation room with cucumber water and lemon and lime water. This room is on looking the private outdoor hot tub.

So what do you start with? We started in the foot spa whilst in our robes. Then we went and relaxed in the salt inhalation room. This felt pointless. We sat back on the tile body carved tiled beds and started to perspire. I didn’t really think much of it so we both decided to get out.


Jumping into the amazing waterfall shower we cooled off before stepping into the sauna. We didn’t stay in long before jumping back into the waterfall shower.

The private outdoor jacuzzi was empty so we decided to go for it. As we climbed in the cold air hit us. Submerging into the warmth of the hot tub it started to snow. Looking up and catching snowflakes was the most perfect way to spend our day. Wow, I’ve never experienced this before and I felt so grateful to just be alive. To be in the moment of life. To enjoy the nature around us and just be in each other’s company. Once it stopped snowing we went into the luxurious hydrotherapy pool. Empty and calm we both stepped in. Buttons on the wall ooooo what do these do? We pressed them all setting off the Jacuzzi bubbles and the wall waterfalls. It was amazing. We tried to lie on the Jacuzzi water beds but it didn’t last. We were swimming around the pool, laughing away.img_2058

Together we are so full of laughter and bad jokes. We love it. I mean you have to be together for 4years.


I asked the young girl at reception if she could bring us some drinks once the Garden Jacuzzi was unoccupied. I ordered a glass of prosecco for me and a glass of bumbleberry smoothie for Luke.

It was freezing outside but the heat of the Jacuzzi complimented the icy afternoon well.

This Prosecco was the second nicest Prosecco I’ve ever tasted if it hadn’t been so expensive I would of drank a bottle. Yummy!



So 3 hours was just about up. We got ready and went for our Neck, shoulder and back massage. It was lovely to relax proper for the first time since my shoulder operation.

So, relaxed and ready we strolled back to the old Victorian room to get changed. We were giving a voucher in your room for tea and cake or A glass or Prosecco. Obviously I chose the Prosecco. I was hoping it would be the same one from the spa but it was it was horrible, tasted awful and harsh. So I ordered a cream tea.


I ordered a fruit scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam accompanied with a pot of coffee. The fruit scone was still warm and so soft with a glycine of brown sugar. Yummy It was so relaxing just sitting in an empty conservatory looking out into the pitch black. No noise, it was peaceful.

We take peace for granted. We get so lost in technology. We forget to talk. So having time to sit and talk and drink wth no care was lovely.

After we had chilled we walked to the first floor to get ready for our 3course dinner.

The room itself was alright it looked rather old fashioned. I forgot to take a picture. But the colour scheme was old fashioned reds. The window was an old Victorian style cold woodern window looking into the car park. Surrounded by trees and falling snow.




The setting was perfect. I curled my hair and put my makeup on followed by my long black maxi dress and heels. We went down to dinner to ponder over the menu.


Waiting in the bar indecisively  choosing our dinner we finally made up our minds. Staff wise the place is a mix. At the reception we were created by a miserable older lady who was not the most polite. The bistro was a Middle Ages lady who was a little scatty.


We were left waiting in the bar for around 15minutes until we were asked to go into the dinner lounge. 5minutes after arriving out starters arrived. Luke ordered the pate – I ddi try this but its definitely not my kind of thing.


I ordered a macaroni cheese – this was ok wasn’t anything like macaroni cheese. and main was a smoked haddock and prawn hotpot with a creamy leek sauce topped with a cheesy potato cake. ok it was worded a lot nicer on the menu but you get my drift.

Luke had a Beef hot pot.it was rather tasty.




This is what its really about! Ever find yourself choosing your meal around your dessert? Yup you got me I’ve got a sweet tooth! Mmmmmm….

On the left you have Luke’s desserts strawberry Eton mess Sundae. On the right a sugar glazed slice of Sicilian lemon tart, accompanied by a mini meringue and a scoop of homemade vanilla bean ice-cream, kissed with raspberry coulee. Wow was it sweet.

So after dinner we decided to just go back to the room and climb into bed. wacked the Tv on and relaxed into the night. The snow was setting outside under the moonlight, floating past the windows like thick feathers hugging the ground. It was beautiful.

Well until our next adventure Adios!






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