8days in and 6lbs down… 😬👏🏻💪🏼

Good Afternoon!

Wow today was my dreaded weigh myself day! Ok so sneakily I weighed myself 5days in and found out I lost 2lbs I was over the moon! Shifting this extra surgery weight on top of weight I wanted off before  is a nightmare. However I told myself on New Year’s Eve cliché, yes, but I’ve stuck to it. I am so proud of myself! I’ve jumped right in! I have successfully been using MyFitnessPal App to help me track my food intake. I have been having my BooTea and I’ve had NO delicious chocolate or cake.


My friends would be shocked No cake??? I’m obsessed but sometimes we have to realise why we are eating on a daily basis is BAD! Yes BAD! So if you’ve not use the Myfitness pal App before. Just one day! Yup 1 day track everything you eat and you will be shocked! 😳

Marketing packaging doesn’t help us unless you closely read it as they don’t always give you the full calories and fat intake ect. You have to calculate this yourself.

So I challenge you to use the App for one day and see how you feel with your current eating pattern. Comment below and let me know how it made you feel!

So what’s in store for me? Well to keep going. I get a 6lbs loss isn’t going to be every week but it’s a fantastic start! I have started doin g squats in the house and I’m dieing to get back into the gym.

I am still having a few issues with my shoulder but I am not let this get me down. I will power through and get my body back! I should not of let it go. What was I thinking. What an absolute idiot! Haha but now I have to do this with motivation, inspiration and believe In myself more! I can and I will do this!

It’s ok to have some self doubt but push through it we are only human.

Leta see what the days ahead bring!

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