Recovery is a B…


So I knew I’d write something but I’ve only been able to start being more active recently. So hear it goes….short and sweet. If I gave you the full story you’d not have enough time to read it.

First of all having to be so dependant on other people sucks.¬†It really, really sucks. I’m so independent.

I really struggled to come to terms with the negatives of the operation.

 Not being able to get dressed. Not being able to put up my own hair. Not being able to cook my own meals. Not being able to bath myself. Not being able to drive. Not being able to go to the gym.


Don’t even get me started with sleeping. What is sleeping? I swear I’ve got insomnia currently and guess what? Yup! You guessed correct, it SUCKS!
Trying to sleep comfortable is so frustrating. I used to sleep on my front facing my arm¬† and arm by my side. I’ve always been a light sleeper but this is something else.

It’s only just starting to get easier¬†and slightly¬†more comfortable¬†after 8 weeks.

Weight gain!!! Arggghhhh!!!

I’m so unhappy with my body at the minute¬†but I know I’ve ate my way into this mess.¬†However, I can eat and exercise my way out. It has been so frustrating. I¬†had a¬†whisper of willpower trying to get back in. I’m ready to get back into eating right and small work outs. Not being able to go to the gym has totally taken its tole on my body and wow did I take advantage of not working out. Ooops! I can’t be mad at myself I can only be disappointed.


I have developed a hatred for the ‘Blue sling’ they don’t tell you that you will sweat bad, you will smell, you will hurt getting in and out¬†of the sling. Yes your reading this and thinking, ‘Durrr, its common sense’. Well…Yes…your right. But until you’ve experienced it you wont quite understand. So I had to be in this sling for 4weeks straight. Slight delay when the physio decided I was to come out the sling a week before. Not a good move.

Inflammation like a mother******!

WOW! The pain of carrying my arm around. Sounds weird but¬† you don’t actually realise how heavy your body parts are until its been carried in a¬† sling for weeks. Jeez, this hurt. pain meds were upped. Pain meds were then changed to stronger tablets. I felt like a pill head. I hate taking this many tablets but it was keeping the swelling down and the pain at bay. Ice, Heat, Ice then Heat, this is how my days went. Fun times!


Being stuck in our one bedroom flat was hard at first but I’ve kind of got used to it.

On the positive side I’ve got two house rabbits. I have had them running about a lot they’ve absolutely loved it. Cheeky little monkeys they are so funny.

My family and friends have been great coming to see me and take me out for lunch some even bringing food to me. So many treats and chocolate. ‘Hello little miss piggy here’.

I never expected all of that but I have learnt who my real friends are and for this I am grateful. So thank you friends for being you and true.

My boyfriends been amazing. He did my hair and my make-up. What an absolute star. to conker to top bun was more of a chore but he knew how much I needed him to help me still feel like me. Just to know I’ve found someone as caring and loving as him makes me feel complete. SOPPY ALERT! But its true he makes me feel very lucky. 4 years soon! wow time does fly!

Speaking of time flying its been 8 weeks since I was lying on my hospital bed riding the anaesthetic wave to get out and go home. Crazy!


It’s only onwards and upwards from here. I’m slowly getting more range back in my arm and its getting me excited to start living my life again. Fingers crossed the operation worked and I can train hard and get fit.


Thanks for reading! Have you ever been frustrated from surgery? How did it make you feel?

Feel free to leave a comment!



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