What’s on your shelf?🕵🏼‍♀️🔎

“A picture is worth 1000 words” 

I don’t wear much make-up on a day to day basis but I love my MAC Make-up! Recently in Miami I upgraded my eye shadow palate to a double case. That’s 15 eye shadows!!! ‘WOW’. Which girl doesn’t like to make herself look beautiful for a big occasion or a meal out with the girls.

So I’m not your average blonde. I have dabbled with lilac’s and silver shampoos for about 4 years now. I decided to take the plunge back in March when my partner found BLEACH London products in Boots. ”WOW just WOW”.

We were in Manchester and I thought, ‘Why not. Screw it! Lets dye my hair’. So being prepared (Not) we put the Violet sky dye (Boots £5.00) on in the hotel bathroom using a plastic bag. Success, I really liked it but it had nothing on Blullini. This is the colour I’d always dreamed my hair to be and I have finally found it. So for now this is my Favourite. Will I ever go back blonde? I don’t really know. Only time will tell.

Las Vegas Baby!

 I couldn’t not take about 10 #SELFIES with this Gorgeous blue curly hair. You do get some strange looks but I’m all about being different and unique. A lot of people complimented my hair when I was away in America. You don’t see many people with blue hair.  I miss being in the states so bad but we all have to come back to reality eventually. #HolidayOfALifetime

Nail Varnish

This is the best nail varnish I’ve ever bought and I’ve tried many brands including Nails inc, Revlon, no7 etc.. Kiko – Dries super quick and adds a vibrant colour to your nail with a nice top coat to keep it on. I also add Models Own Gel top coat to keep the strength.

So Kiko has a sale on. Oops! but it was worth it. I thought I’d try a nude lipstick from here as I always buy MAC Lipsticks. It’s alight for the price £1.40 (sale price) but I still prefer my MAC.

I haven’t had a chance to try out the eye shadows yet. I was drawn in by the colours ‘OoOoO Shiny’.

Nails varnishes were £1.00 for the bold colours and the sprinkle nail polish was £1.40 each.

What is on your Shelf?

If you had to make your own shelf what would you put on it?

So I thought about this and todays this shelf of my items expressed me.

Flower Bomb- favourite perfume
DKNY handbag- Favourite Brand of Handbags
Jewellery – I love jewellery
Hair mask – I Love hair products
Elephant ring holder- favourite animal is an elephant and this was super cute.
Finger stand – My boyfriend got sick of me leaving my rings around LOL
Victoria secret – these sprays smells amazing and remind me of America
Ice Cream – who doesn’t like ice cream
Turtle magnet – Bahamas memory plus its multi-coloured and really cute
Art- I love Pop Art and have recently fallen in love with Patrice Marciano’s Art

I’m a loud, bubbly person who cares probably too much at times, but I’ll never change.

‘Life is what you make it. So you may as well be happy living the life you make’.


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